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Thanks to YOUR participation - we raised nearly $4,000 for the Club with the 2017 fundraiser!  It is incredibly helpful for us this season with some major investments, such as the scoring system.

A huge thanks to John & Celeste Mikitarian who ran the fundraiser.

Also a call out to Jim Susi who sold over $600 of tickets.

And finally - congratulations to Cynthia Tebbetts on winning the Honda Generator!


Revision 3-26-17
Including NEMA LITES 

NEMA Lites 9-25
NEMA Midgets 9-15

NEMA Annual Car & Driver
Safety Evaluation Guide
To all NEMA car owners and drivers: Below is the 2017 NEMA safety guide for your use.

The safety sheet PDF below is a quick reference guide to help owners and drivers to self-inspect their cars and/or driver's equipment. You will find reference numbers after each section which correspond to our current rule book, giving more details on that section of the guide.

Feel free to print the guide and perform your own inspection. The safety committee will also have guides available and will sign off on each car and driver's equipment, to be sure all cars and drivers meet these minimum rule book standards.

The safety committee will provide you with a 2017 safety inspection sticker for your car after reviewing the guide with each car owner and/or driver.

If you have any questions in regards to this guide, please free to contact safety committee members John Mikitarian (triplemmotorsports@gmail.com) or Jim Cataldo.

We will be available at every race for reviewing this guide with you. Our goal is to inspect as many cars as soon as we can to be sure we all meet these minimum standards.


NEMA Safety Committee

To all members......

We are looking for volunteers to assist with the race day activities in 2017.

Any volunteers please send an email to timothy.bertrand@gmail.com with your contact info and what you are interested in helping with.

Driver Medical Release Form
This PDF is the medical release form that the NEMA board voted to use in place of submitting a full physical. We will continue to honor the DOT cards but instead of having the physical submitted to the club, the member should print the form, take it to the Doctor’s office, have it signed by the physician, and then return it with the membership application as was required in the past with the physical.
2017 Medical Release Form PDF HERE

2017 numbers will be reserved until 3/1/17. After that all numbers will be assigned on first-come, first-served basis.
If you want to be certain to have your 2016 number, you must have your membership in by 3/1/17.
NEMA 2017 Membership Form HERE

LITES 2017 Membership Form HERE

2017 Temporary Permit Form HERE

Driver/Team Info Forms
Must be filled out by all drivers.
This is a required part of you driver registration/license.
Will be part of the web Roster Listing
and the NEMA Program book.
Please make every effort to fill the
form out on your computer (a MS Word doc)
and email to the NEMA web master so that
the information does not have to be retyped.

Driver/Team Info Form HERE

NEMA Parental Consent Form

NEMA 2016 Competition Addendum

2016 NEMA Race Day
Procedures PDF


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