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Race 4 - Star Speedway - 6-17-17

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Race 3 - Riverhead Raceway - 6-3-17

Race 2 - Wiscasset Speedway - 5-20-17

Race 1 - Star Speedway - 5-13-17

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In 2006, Dave Shore from Southbury, CT. started VMR to help keep vintage midget racing alive. Anyone who has a caged vintage car, and would like to run with us, please contact:
Dave Shore at 203-509-2835.    
2017 VMR Dates at the VMR website.


Jeff Horn
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Jon Andruk

174 CID Ford Head Gaerte - $16,500

NEMA Releases Vintage
Slide Show on DVD
The Northeastern Midget Association announces the release of NEMA Vintage photo's on DVD. The presentation is from the collection of one of the most respected journalist, historians and statisticians in New England, Pete Zanardi.

The range of drivers, owners, tracks and race cars depicted in the collection are the who's who in Northeastern midget racing. The forefathers that laid the foundation for present day racing are illustrated in color and black and white photo's complete with captions. Bill Randall, Ray Roberts, Ronnie Evans and Jerry Russo just to name a few drivers from NEMA's infancy.

The early cage days drivers are represented by Bill Roth, Lee Smith, Hank Stevens and Len Thrall for example. And to finish out the last couple of decades are the Fornoros, Stoehrs, Scrivanis, Seymours and many many more. The cars are as big as the drivers on this DVD that range from the Badgers to the uprights, cage and cageless, even some Offy's.

The DVD is 332 pictures strong and is a must for any early day racing enthusiast.

The cost is $20 each with all proceeds going directly to NEMA to help carry on the rich traditions these early pioneers built.

Payment can be made through PayPal    HERE
to rewindles@sbcglobal.net or by sending a check or money order (payable to NEMA) as well as your name and address to Bill Van Slyke,
23 Horsestable Cir., Shelton, Ct. 06484.


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NEMA LITES T-Shirts are available for purchase. The LITES shirts are available in 3 colors - white, gray and royal blue. They come with either the NEMA LITES logo only on the front or with 2 logos - NEMA LITES on the front and regular NEMA logo on the back. The white shirts are $10. The gray or blue are $12. The new LITES t-shirts can be at The Race  Depot/ Seymour Enterprises in Marlboro Mass or are available from Cyndy Scrivani.

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NEMA and Hoosier Tire
Ink Exclusive 3 Year Deal
Brockton, MA  -  NEMA President, Mike Scrivani, announced today that the Northeastern Midget Association and Hoosier Tire East have inked an exclusive, three year deal. Under the deal, NEMA will have exclusive rights in the Northeast to the current plated compounds (RR 7, 7.3, RF 5, LR, 5 and LF, 4, 5) and will be the only series in the Northeast running these particular tires.

Hoosier will also continue to be a major contributor to the NEMA point fund, and in addition have offered fixed pricing for the racer over the next three years.
“NEMA has enjoyed a long history with Hoosier. This sport is about supporting those who take care of you, and supporting each other. We feel that we have the best product in Hoosier and look forward to a long relationship with them,” said NEMA President, Mike Scrivani. “We have an exciting schedule brewing for 2015 and expect great car counts,” said Scrivani.

As part of the arrangement, Hoosier tire has selected long time NEMA supporter Seymour Enterprises to be the exclusive dealer and service provider to the Northeastern Midget Association.


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Pits Open - 2:00 PM for NEAR & NEMA
Pits Open - 3:00 PM for Speedway 51
Pits: $35 & $30

Grandstands Open – 4:30 PM
Grandstands:   Adults: $12     Seniors/Military: $10 Juniors: $5    Kids: FREE

KARTS @ 10:00 AM

CAMPING - $10 nightly, $20 weekend


TRACK HOTLINE: 802-266-0240
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Pits >
Photos by
Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 51 Dan CuginI Marshfield, MA Dan Cugini
2 38 Ryan Locke Raymond, NH  Ken Locke
3 12 Jim Chambers Atkinson, NH Jim Chambers
4 27 Kevin Iannarelli Maynard, MA Kevin Iannarelli
5 21 Avery Stoehr Lakeville, MA Mike Scrivani
6 9 Ben Mikitarian Northborough, MA John Mikitarian
7 99 Jim Santa Maria Burlington, CT Jim Santa Maria
8 41 Megan Cugini Marshfield, MA Glenn Cugini
9 7 Jim Cataldo Sterling, MA Jim Cataldo
10 16 Dennis O'Brien Deerfield, NH Chris O'Brien
11 19 Richard Coy Haskell, NJ Richard Coy
12 34ct Anthony Burr Wallingford, CT Anthony Burr
13 3 Chris Vose Gloversville, NY Chris Vose
14 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
15 95 Jeff Schechter Cortlandt Manor, NY Jeff Schechter
Cugini Storms to NEMA
Lites Victory at Seekonk
Danny Cugini beat back a hard charging Ryan Locke enroute to victory this past Saturday, as the NEMA Lites visited Seekonk Speedway during the track's American Canadian Tour 100 event. Fourteen Lite cars took the green, in what highlighted NEMA's second event of 2017 at the famed MA oval.

When the green flag dropped in the feature, Cugini, who started fourth, wasted no time in getting by front row starter, Jim Cataldo. Quickly, Cugini began a torrid pace, but quickly after, the young Ryan Locke made his way into second place. Further behind them, Jim Chambers was making his way through the field as well, with Kevin Iannarelli hot on his tail, and Paul Scally applying pressure as well. Scally would be black flagged at the halfway marker, for what appeared to be a potential fluid leak, and was sidelined for the remainder of the event.

By this point, Cugini and Locke were in to heavy lapped traffic. Cugini, passing cars both high and low, could not shake Locke, who remained within four carlengths for the majority of the event. As the laps wound down, however, Locke could not close the distance and Cugini would go on to take down the victory. Locke was second, followed by Jim Chambers, Iannarelli, Avery Stoehr in the Scrivani 21, Ben Mikitarian, Jim Santa Maria - making his first start of the season, Megan Cugini, Jim Cataldo and Dennis O'Brien.

"I started 4th, and hit a couple great gaps to work to the front early in the race. I concentrated on hitting marks and being smooth. The car was really hooked up and would work anywhere on the track. I was saving tires as much as I could in case there was a late race restart. I knew the 38 would be close and hats off to those guys they have that car figured out and Ryan is doing a great job driving. A huge thank you to Seymour Enterprises, Bobby and Matt set up my car all day and got us in victory lane. My father also for all the work he helps me with in the shop and at the track, I couldn't do this without him," he said.
NEMA pays tribute to one of this club's truest racers and most influential leaders. Butch was not only a champion driver, he was a fantastic mechanic, and a courageous President who's leadership changed NEMA forever.
See Butch's page at the NEMA History site:
Butch in the Bien Badger leading the Badgers
of Dave Humphrey and Johnny Evans
Photos by
Rich Hayes
Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 74 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA Bertrand Motorsports
2 47 Kyle Hamilton Plainfield, IN Bertrand Motorsports
3 71 Seth Carlson Brimfield, CT Gene Feigel
4 21 Jim Chambers Atkinson, NH Mike Chambers
5 7 Alan Chambers Atkinson, NH Mike Chambers
6 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
7 9 John Zych Jr. Mendon, MA John Zych Sr.
8 33 Ben Seitz Bourne, MA Bobby Seymour
9 87 Doug Cleveland Sudbury, MA Doug Cleveland
10 39 Avery Stoehr Lakeville, MA Bertrand Motorsports
11 99 Jim Santa Maria Burlington, CT Jim Santa Maria
12 A1 Mike Horn Ashland, MA Jeff Horn
13 16 Matt O'Brien Wilmington, MA Matt O'Brien
14 77 Jesse Jakubajtys - Mike Luggelle
Photos by
Rich Hayes
NEMA LITES - STAR - 7/8/17
Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 5 Dylan Duhaime Loudon, NH Jim Cataldo
2 57 Jake Stergios Candia, NH Bill Stergios
3 12 Jim Chambers Atkinson, NH Jim Chambers
4 35 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA  Glen Cabral
5 38 Ryan Locke Raymond, NH  Ken Locke
6 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
7 9 Ben Mikitarian Northborough, MA John Mikitarian
8 14 Chad Labastie Uxbridge, MA Chad Labastie
9 7 Jim Cataldo Sterling, MA Jim Cataldo
10 19 Richard Coy Haskell, NJ Richard Coy
11 21 Anthony Payne Fairlawn, NJ Mike Scrivani
12 16 Dennis O'Brien Deerfield, NH Chris O'Brien
13 52 Kevin Park Foxboro, MA Kevin Park
14 3 Chris Vose Gloversville, NY Chris Vose
15 41 Megan Cugini Marshfield, MA Glenn Cugini
16 51 Dan CuginI Marshfield, MA Dan Cugini
17 34ct Anthony Burr Wallingford, CT Anthony Burr
Cabral Celebrates Historic
50th NEMA Win in NEMA’s
Butch Walsh Memorial;
Duhaime Captures Lites
By Jim Snape

Exciting things can happen when NEMA is in town and Saturday July 8, 2017 was no exception at Bobby Webber's Star Speedway.

In the NEMA feature Seth Carlson out-dragged pole sitter Doug Cleveland of Sudbury MA and attempted to distance himself from a hungry pack behind him. It was looking like the Brimfield CT driver was on his way to victory lane, when things went sour for him with ten laps to go as his right rear tire slowly lost air. All the while Randy Cabral of Kingston MA, who started third, took over second place from Cleaveland and drew a bead on race leader Carlson, slowly closing in as Carlson began to have handling issues. Cabral finally caught and passed Carlson on lap 19 and went on to his 50th NEMA win, putting him 3rd behind Drew Fornoro and Dave Humphrey on the 65-year-old club's all time win list. It was also Cabral's 18th consecutive season with a victory,

"We were real lucky to start up front and go green to checkered like that. Its so tough now, everybody's got such good equipment and they're all good drivers. When your racing with Seth (Carlson) you're racing with the best of them, its tough to get by the kid. His car went away at the end. His car was better than mine at first, my car was better than his at the end. Lapped traffic played into effect also". He added "I didn't know he had a tire going down at the end. Sometimes that kid has no luck but he'll get a win soon," said Cabral.

Kyle Hamilton started mid pack and eased himself forward throughout the event. The Indiana standout, and this year's "Little 500" winner took over third place on lap eight and was on the chase o catch race leader Carlson and second place Cabral. By lap 19 Cabral was the new leader and Hamilton applied pressure on Carlson for the runner up spot, running the fastest laps of the race on laps 16-23. By lap 23 the pass was made but the laps ran out and Hamilton was second on the podium.

"Starting back in 8th, it was tough. I knew it was going to be a tall order but the car was actually better that I thought. To be that close to the leaders was good for our team. It took a couple of laps to get by some guys. I could go right around on the outside and didn't have to wait on some others. I would have liked to see a caution, but again I don't want to see anyone wreck, but we'll take it. And I got to thank everybody for bringing me out here from Indiana and we're planning to run the World Series at Thompson and maybe one or two others," said Hamilton.

Although Carlson jetted away and led a majority of the event, his tire issue relegated him to a third place finish. He had to be happy with the way his #71 performed and handled up to lap 18 and it looks like his team will visit victory lane in the near future.

"We started off with the early lead, car handled really well, then had a tire bleeder fall out towards the end there so we loss air in the right rear and ended up third and didn't wreck the car. I consider that still a pretty good day," he said.

Meg Cugini of Marshfield MA and Richie Coy of Haskell NJ brought the NEMA Lites to the green flag. Cugini would lead three laps before a stout Jake Stergios of Candia NH took over the top spot looking for another NEMA Lite victory, while Dylan Duhaime of Loudon NH raced his way from deep in the pack picking off competitors. Stergios was blazing a trail to the checkered flag but Duhaime had other plans, using three caution periods to his advantage and picking up valuable spots each restart. The last restart on lap 19 found race leader Stergios and Duhaime side by side. When the green flag flew so did Duhaime. Duhaime led the last six laps with Stergios and Jim Chambers of Atkinson NH in tow.

Chambers and Randy Cabral ran wheel to wheel for the last few laps before Chambers prevailed for a podium finish.

In victory lane Duhaime said, "We got a lot of good breaks, the track was pretty loose because of the early rain and I capitalized on that. The inside groove was really working for me. On the last restart on the outside I got a little shot from behind and that helped me get into the corner a little faster and got a good run on the back stretch. I didn't expect to get a little bump to help me win but it was great."
WEDS., JUNE 28th, 2017

Fast Time - JMT Motorsports
Anthony Nocella #33 - 11.056 - $100

Heat Winner #1 - Motorcars International
Seth Carlson #71 - $100

Heat Winner # 2 - Schrader Racing
Anthony Nocella #33 - $100

Dave Steele Hard Charger Award
- Heckman Motorsports & Chris DeRitis Motorsports
Anthony Nocella #33 - $200

Hard Luck Award - Leader Card Racers
Todd Bertrand #48 - $100

Outstanding Performance Award - Hoosier Tire
John Zych #9 - $100

Perseverance Award - Bertrand Motorsports
Doug Cleveland #87 - $100



Fast Time - I Racing.Com
Jake Stergios #57 - 11.836 - $133

Heat Winner #1 - Pro Stock Kitchens
Ray Parent #45 - $100

Heat Winner #2 - Stergios Racing
Megan Cugini #41 - $100

Heat Winner #3 - Ktron and Bentley's Saloon
Jim Chambers #12 - $100

Dave Steele Hard Charger Award
- JMT Motorsports & Brown/Noffsinger Racing
Dylan Duhamie #5 - $233

Outstanding Performance Award - Hoosier Tire
Ryan Locke #38 - $100

Hard Luck Award - Gil Bertrand
Chris Lamb #9L - $100

"First Out Award" - Steve Stapp
Richie Coy #19 - $100

Long Distance Award - Leader Card Racers
George Kurtz #4, Denver, CO - $100

Jim O'Brien Perseverance Awards
Jeremy Decourcy - $100
Chris Vose - $100
Kevin Park - $100
Photos by
John DaDalt &
Norm Marx
Photos by
Crystal Snape
Heats >
Photos by John DaDalt
Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 9 John Zych Jr. Mendon, MA John Zych Sr.
2 39 Avery Stoehr Lakeville, MA Bertrand Motorsports
3 47 Doug Coby Milford, CT Bertrand Motorsports
4 33 Anthony Nocella Woburn, MA Bobby Seymour
5 74 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA Bertrand Motorsports
6 99 Jim Santa Maria Burlington, CT Jim Santa Maria
7 7 Alan Chambers Atkinson, NH Mike Chambers
8 21 Jim Chambers Atkinson, NH Mike Chambers
9 71 Seth Carlson Brimfield, CT Gene Feigel
10 48 Todd Bertrand Danielson, CT Gill Bertrand
11 5b Bethany Stoehr Bridgewater, MA Greg Stoehr
12 30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
13 87 Doug Cleveland Sudbury, MA Doug Cleveland
14 16 Matt O'Brien Wilmington, MA Matt O'Brien
15 A1 Mike Horn Ashland, MA Jeff Horn
Photos by
Norm Marx
Heats >
Photos by
John DaDalt
Photos by
Norm Marx
Pos. # Driver  Hometown Owner
1 5 Dylan Duhaime Loudon, NH Jim Cataldo
2 12 Jim Chambers Atkinson, NH Jim Chambers
3 14 Chad Labastie Uxbridge, MA Chad Labastie
4 38 Ryan Locke Raymond, NH  Ken Locke
5 13 Ryan Bigelow E. Hampton, CT Ryan Bigelow
6 51 Dan CuginI Marshfield, MA Dan Cugini
7 5b Jessica Bean Farmland, IN Jessica Bean
8 45 Ray Parent Tiverton, RI Bertrand Motorsports
9 35 Randy Cabral Kingston, MA  Glen Cabral
10 21 Anthony Payne Fairlawn, NJ Mike Scrivani
11 27 Kevin Iannarelli Maynard, MA Kevin Iannarelli
12 57 Jake Stergios Candia, NH Bill Stergios
13 8t Jake Trainor Medway, MA Jake Trainor
14 9 Ben Mikitarian Northborough, MA John Mikitarian
15 24 Nikki Caroll Andover, NJ Joe Caroll
16 8 Sam Hatfield Mooresville, NC Sam Hatfield
17 7 Jim Cataldo Sterling, MA Jim Cataldo
18 16 Dennis O'Brien Deerfield, NH Chris O'Brien
19 35g Jake Garcia Monroe, GA Jacke Garcia
20 9L Chris Lamb Greensboro, MC Chris Lamb
21 52 Kevin Park Foxboro, MA Kevin Park
22 3 Chris Vose Gloversville, NY Chris Vose
23 41 Megan Cugini Marshfield, MA Glenn Cugini
24 88 Jeff Locke Chester, NH Ken Locke
25 34ct Anthony Burr Wallingford, CT Anthony Burr
26 20 Jeremy Decourcy Rochester, NH Jeremy Decourcy
27 4 George Kurtz Denver, CO George Kurtz
28 19 Richard Coy Haskell, NJ Richard Coy
Zych, Duhaime Take Down
NEMA’s Boston Louie Memorial
  Race Report Courtesy of Seekonk Speedway, Tim Bertrand

John Zych, starting fifth, piloted past Avery Stoehr and Alan Chambers, pole sitter Jim SantaMaria and outside pole sitter Doug Cleveland to take down the victory in a green to checkered finish to win his first Boston Louie Memorial this past Wednesday at Seekonk Speedway. Dylan Duhaime, driving the Cataldo #5 pulled off an epic last lap pass on Jim Chambers, who led the majority of the race, to take his first Boston Louie checkers in the Lites portion of the event, which ran 33 laps in memoriam of the late David Steele.

In the NEMA event, for the leaders, it was a matter of holding position, as Zych and Stoehr went the distance without being passed. SantaMaria had grabbed third during the second circuit, went halfway and then was passed by Todd Bertrand. Bertrand seemed a lock on third, as he went the rest of the way - almost. Mechanical problems forced him to withdraw with one lap remaining and the position went to Coby, who had held fourth for most of the race. It also elevated Nocella in the Seymour 33 to fourth.

It was a stretched-out field by lap five in a race which ran green to checkers without caution. Zych was enjoying a half-straightaway lead by this time and Stoehr was about the same distance ahead of Bertrand. By lap eight, they were encountering lapped vehicles. SantaMaria had moved into third, ahead of Bertrand. Cabral got by Chambers into sixth.

Zych was charging so hard that his right rear was showing smoke through the corners, especially turn four and it continued, raising concerns that he might lose the shoe or at least lose the speed he had been showing. But Zych continued to press down on the pedal and keep the space open between him and Stoehr. Zych would pass Bethan Stoehr, to put her a lap down, as the leaders closed. Bertrand was closing on Stoehr for the second spot, and Coby was not far behind, as the trio closed Zych's gap, and would run out of time. Zych took down his first Boston Louie ever, followed by Stoehr, defending race winner Coby, Anthony Nocella in the Seymour 33, and Randy Cabral in the Bertrand 74. Santa Maria, Alan Chambers, Jim Chambers, Seth Carlson and Todd Bertrand rounded out the top ten.

"We made a few changes each time out on the track but made 3 adjustments before the feature. We weren't fast during the day but there is no track that changes quite like Seekonk does, in my opinion. We did a few things to tighten the car up which was great because we were certainly loose towards the end. The car was great at the beginning but as the race went on and I had to pass some lap cars on the outside, I was just sliding through the corners and I knew I was heating the RR pretty bad. With maybe 8 or so laps to go I could feel the blistering on the tire so I just tried to keep the car as straight as possible and stay on the bottom. It is amazing to win the Boston Louie, definitely a career highlight," said Zych.

In the Lites Feature, Jeremy Decourcy leapt off the pole to lead the first four laps of NEMA Lite action in the Dave Steele 33, but Jim Chambers came on from fourth to get underneath through a three wide, dropping Sam Hatfield back, then another three-wide which put him past Jessica Bean on the outside. But as George Kurtz pirouetted down the front stretch, Caution flew.

It took two tries to get the field going again, as Anthony Burr spun just out of the starting box. Now, it was Chambers and Payne splitting around Decourcy on the start for a brief three-wide. The bracketing saw Chambers take advantage and grab the lead ahead of Payne while Chad Locke got under Decourcy. But a Nickie Carroll spin sent them back for another restart on lap six.

Chambers again snagged the lead while Locke got under Payne for a door-to-door. But lap seven saw a two car spin in turn two, involving Chris Vose, Jim Cataldo, Carroll and Jake Stergios.

They tried again, but laps eight and nine saw caution. Finally, the lap nine green had the field running laps again and Chambers was back to the lead. Locke bolted into second by the halfway point and went to Chambers' high side for the pass and it became a wheel-to-wheel affair but Chambers pulled away. Locke tried again as they began to encounter lapped traffic. By lap 18, Locke was snugged up against Chambers' bumper. The run was ended as Anthony Burr slowed to a stop on the front stretch. He was unable to continue.

Chambers began lapping the field on lap 27. Duhaime was looking for access to the front and found it on lap 29 of the 33-lapper. He dropped underneath with Chambers trying to block him. But Duhaime was solidly underneath and they approached a lapped car which Chambers slowed to avoid, allowing Duhame to slide out from under him and into the lead with one lap remaining. Further back, Bean slid past Randy Cabral on the final circuit to secure seventh and Ray Parent nabbed eighth. Cabral finished ninth.

"This was an awesome night. I was watching some videos of Ayrton senna the other day, and he would do a similar move. When he was going for a last minute pass at the end of the race, he would stick his nose underneath a car enough for them to know he was there and then drive into the corner somewhat hard and allow the other driver to decide whether or not they would give up the position. I tried to do the same thing, I knew Chambers could see my nose, and I drove into the corner hard enough that he would have to give me the position or wreck me. I had a good car with a great group of people behind me. A lot of hard work has gone into making this car race ready and if it wasn't for my dad and car owner Jim Cataldo I wouldn't be out there. It was also my dads birthday the day before and I knew it'd be extra special for him," said Duhaime.
The Legacy of Boston Louie
Lives On in the 21st Annual
Boston Louie Seymour Memorial
For the past 20 years, the race held in honor of the Massachusetts based car owner who campaigned his winning midgets, sprints and Silver Crown cars across America, has brought together the very best in open wheel Midget racing.

On March 25, 2017, the most accomplished pavement open wheel racer in America , Dave Steele of Tampa Fl. passed away at Desoto Speedway in Bradenton while attempting to win his 100th sprint car race in the state of Florida.

When the NEMA Midgets roll into Seekonk Speedway for the 21st Annual Boston Louie Memorial, NEMA will honor Steele by extending the customary 29 lap race to 33 laps (Steele's number) for the NEMA LITES portion of the event.

A special thanks to Seekonk Speedway, NEMA, the many sponsors, fans and dedicated race coordinators, who have helped produce this spectacular event for the past two decades.

The Seymour Family
Auto racing and college football broadcaster Jack Arute Jr. will be joining NEMA announcer Pete Falconi to call the 21st Boston Louie Memorial.
Format for the 2017 Boston Louie Memorial
2-3 warmups (time dependent).

The driver’s time trial time will be the fastest lap turned out of any of the warmups.

The number of heats that will be run will depend on the car count and the heat race invert will be determined after time trials. Between 80 and 90% of the field will be fully inverted for the Heat races.

The number of transfer spots will be dependent on the number of heats. If there are 2 heats, 5 cars will transfer for a total of 10. If there are 3 heats, 5 cars will transfer for a total of 15.

The transferred cars will be stack ranked by their fastest overall time for the DAY, warmups and heats included. A pill will be drawn. If 10 cars transferred, the pills will be 8, 9 or 10. If 15 cars transfer, the pills will be 12, 14 or 15.

If, for example, a #12 invert pill is drawn in the case of 15 transfer spots, the fastest time for the day out of the qualified cars would start 12th, the second fastest 11th, the third fastest 10th, and so on. The 13th - 15th fastest, although they may have qualified through their heat, would start 13th - 15th, heads up. All cars that do not make the transfer will start heads up.

 LITES only - the format will be the same as 2016. 2017 feature winners from NEMA or the Eastern Midgets cannot start higher than 6th position in the feature.
NEMA Announces
“First Time” Winner Awards
for 2017 Season
New Award will be presented by Seymour Performance for NEMA Midgets and by the Mike Scrivani Family in honor of “Iron Mike” Scrivani for the Lites Division.
For the first time, the Northeastern Midget Association has announced a new award for the 2017 season, that will reward first time winners in a "lottery" style system. Seymour Performance of Marlborough, MA will present the award for the NEMA series. The Mike Scrivani Jr. Family, in honor of legendary NEMA car owner "Iron Mike" Scrivani, will present the Lite series award.

Each week, the presenting sponsor will put $50 into a "fund" that will build up until each division sees a first time winner. For example, if a first time winner takes the checkers on the 5th race of the season, a bonus of $250 will be paid to that driver, and the fund will be reset for the next race.

With a number of new teams signed up for both the NEMA series and the Lites series for 2017, the effort will help promote the new teams coming into the division.

"This is an awesome effort, and I'm excited that Mike Scrivani brought this idea forward to the club and owners," said newly appointed NEMA President, Tim Bertrand. "Mike and his family have been a beachhead team in NEMA for over forty years and we are very excited to have them spearheading this new program for the club," said Bertrand.

"When Mike called me with this idea, I thought it was fantastic. It will be an awesome way to reward first time winners in both series," said Bobby Seymour of Seymour Performance.

In addition to the award, the Scrivani Family presents the Iron Mike Memorial race, which will take place this year at Monadnock Speedway, on September 2nd, and the Seymour Family presents the Boston Louie Memorial, which will take place at Seeknonk Speedway on June 29th.

NEMA kicks off its schedule with the Lites at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park at the ICEBREAKER on April 1, and then moves on to the New England mainstay, the New London Waterford Speedbowl on May 6th (Lites) and May 7th (NEMA).
NEMA 2017 Schedule
Final Version - 1/26/17

April 2017
1st Thompson - Icebreaker - Lites only

May 2017
13th Star
20th Wiscasset

June 2017
3rd Riverhead - Alan Cantor Memorial
14th Thomson - Lites only
17th Star
28th Seekonk - Boston Louie Memorial

July 2017
8th Star - Butch Walsh Memorial
15th Seekonk - Lites only
29th Speedway 51 - Lites only  (NEW)

August 2017
9th Thompson - NEMA Midgets only
12th Waterford - Wings and Wheels / Angelillo Memorial
19th Star - Marvin Rifchin Memorial
26th Waterford - Lites only

September 2017
2nd Monadnock - Iron Mike Memorial
9th Waterford - Lites only
23rd Wiscassett - Lites only  - 75 laps
30th Star - Jim O'Brien Memorial

October 2017
14th Thompson - NEMA Midgets only - Shane Hammond
15th Thompson - Lites only - Shane Hammond  Memorial

December 2017
2nd NEMA Banquet - Royal Crown Plaza
With 2016 Updates
Track Histories, Champions,
Wins, Midgets & Lites Stats

In the Left Hand Column HERE
The Northeastern Midget Association announces the release of the 2017 Racing Calendar celebrating NEMA's 65th consecutive year.

This publication features colored photos and knock out graphics.The body of the calendar is full of current and historic information including past and present driver's first wins and the tracks they won at. Both NEMA and NEMA LIte drivers and car owner's birthdays are spread from front to back as well as the legends of yesterday.

And for the traditionalists, all the important dates and federal observances are included as well as a few surprises. All this information is set to a backdrop of team photos and outstanding graphics produced by race team owner and driver Matt O'Brien.

This calendar is a must have for the northeastern race fan and will serve as the perfect Christmas gift to be enjoyed all year long.

We are currently offering these units for a low price of $10 each with all profits funneled back into the club.

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NEMA's 1000th Race - Star Speedway - 8/23/14

Recognizing Some
NEMA Milestones

The Northeastern Midget Association will open the season at Star Speedway on May 21. It will be the 1018th point-paying race in the club's 63-year history.

Passing unheralded was the club's 1,000th race at Star Speedway on August 23, 2014. Randy Cabral was the winner, besting John Zych Jr. and Seth Carlson.

New England's oldest and most enduring touring division, NEMA was formed in the late spring of 1953 at the Thompson clubhouse. Fred Meeker was the first NEMA winner at Seekonk Speedway on May 30, 1953. New England Auto Racing Hall of Famer Bill Eldridge won the next afternoon at Waterford.

The NEMA Lites open at Thompson Speedway's Icebreaker on April 9. There have been 106 races for a division that started with an exhibition run at New London-Waterford in 2008. The 100th Lites race was won by Danny Cugini at Lee on July 17 of last year.

With two victories last year, Randy Cabral is now tied with Nokie Fornoro in fourth place on NEMA's all-time win list with 47. He has 16 seasons with a least one victory tying him with Bobby Seymour on that list. They have come consecutively, equaling a NEMA standard set by National Midget Hall of Famer Dave Humphrey. Most of Cabral's wins have come in Tim Bertrand's No. 47 but it all started when an upstart Cabral captured the 2000 Boston Louie in a family car.

Star Speedway, with 103 races going back to 1968, is the leader among tracks hosting NEMA events. Randy Cabral tops active NEMA competitors with four Star wins including three of the last four. John Zych Jr. has also won at Star.

NEMA is clearly one of the most competitive open cockpit divisions in the country. Over the past six years, there have been 23 different NEMA winners and in all but one of those seasons, at least one "first-timer" appeared. Over that span John Zych Jr., Todd Bertrand, Avery Stoehr and Seth Carlson have become top contenders. Danny Cugini and Jim Chambers were first time winners in 2015. Bertrand, Stoehr and Cugini are all products of the NEMA Lites. The Lites have had 20-different winners in the past three seasons, champion Anthony Payne and Megan Cugini among the 2015 first timers. Designed with competiveness in the forefront nine years ago, the Lites are a true success story.

Nominations are now being accepted for the New England Auto Racers Hall of Fame. The nomination form and procedure are available on the New England Antique Racers' website - www.near1.org. Please disregard the posted deadlines.

Those with NEMA connections already enshrined are Gene Angelillo, Chuck Arnold, Burt Brooks, Ray Brown,Joe Csiki, Bill Eldridge, Frank Ferrara, Drew Fornoro, Dave Humphrey, Johnny Kay, Wen Kelly, Rollie Lindblad, John McCarthy, George Monsen, Al Pillion, Billy Randall, Marvin Rifchin, Mike Scrivani Sr., Louie Seymour, Hank Stevens, Ed Stone and Bentley Warren.
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