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#47 - Christopher
#45 - Payne
#50 - Pernesiglio
#29 - B. Santos
#98 - Roselli
#18 - Gerbe
#16c - D. Fornoro
#44 - Breault
#11 - Bundy
#57 - Bradbury
#12 - Carpenter DNS
#16 - O'Brien DNS

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#48 - Buonomo
#2 - N. Fornoro
#81 - Heath
#17 - Seitz
#36 - R. Cabral
#7ny - Cantor
#26 - Stoehr
#22 - Shlatz
#98s - E. Santos
#77 - Luggelle
#15 - R. Dolan DNS
#77 - Lugelle DNS

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Stafford Motor Speedway

July 14, 2004

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30-LAPS - WED., JULY 14, 2004

1)   2 -   Nokie Fonoro, Reeders, PA
2)   48 - Mark Buonomo, Waltham, MA
3)   47 - Ted Christopher, Plainville, CT
4)   17 - Ben Seitz, Monument Beach, MA
5)   7NY - Adam Cantor, Dix Hills, NY
6)   36 - Randy Cabral, Plymouth, MA
7)   29 - Bobby Santos, III, Franklin, MA
8)   16c - Drew Fornoro, Newton, NJ
9)   45- Joey Payne, Fairlawn, NJ
10) 50 - Pete Pernesiglio, Ronkonkoma, NY
11) 35 - Shane Hammond, E. Bridgewater, MA***
12) 18 - Richard Gerbe, Elmont, NY
13) 44 - Ed Breault, Lincoln, RI
14) 26 - Russ Stoehr, Lakeville, MA
15) 22 - Andy Shlatz, Enfield, CT
16) 11 - Lee Bundy, Kennebunkport, ME
17) 57 - Bob Bradbury, Wakefield, RI
18) 98 - Mike Roselli, Jr., Brodheadsville, PA -DNF
19) 25 - Ryan Dolan, Acton, MA - DNF
20) 98s - Erica Santos, Franklin, MA - DNF
21) 81 - Tim Heath, Lebanon, CT - DNF
22) 77 - Mike Lugelle, Hull, MA - DNS
23) 16 - Matt O’Brien, Willmington, MA - DNS
24) 12 - Kyle Carpenter, Gloucester, MA - DNS
25) 33 - Tommy Spada - Berlin, CT - DNS

Hard Charger

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Nokie Fornoro Wins NEMA Thriller at Stafford

Stafford, CT: After over 20 years, the mighty Midgets made a triumphant return to Jack Arute's Stafford Motor Speedway on Wednesday, July 14, 2004. Nokie Fornoro of Reeders, PA drove a flawless race to take down the win in the 30-lap Northeastern Midget Association CARQUEST Xtreme Wednesday feature event. The race was made more memorable by one of Stafford's own. The Speedway's winning-most driver Ted Christopher and his Bertrand Motorsports teammate for the night Mark Buonomo of Waltham, MA put on a battle for second place that had the fans on their feet for much of the race.

Pete Pernesiglio led from the drop of the green flag with N. Fornoro in hot pursuit. The completion of the first lap saw the two side-by-side for the lead. By the backstretch N. Fornoro was the new leader. When Ben Seitz moved into second, Fornoro had already checked out to a half a straightaway advantage. Unfortunately for Pernesiglio he began to backslide.

Seitz was all by himself with Buonomo closing fast. Christopher was charging toward the front as well while Joey Payne sat in fifth. A battle was brewing for sixth position between Randy Cabral and Adam Cantor. The duo caught Payne as Bobby Santos III joined the fray. It was a four-car battle for the sixth by lap 10. On lap 13, Cantor made a great move to pass both Payne and Cabral.

The first and only caution of the event flew on lap 14 when Ryan Dolan made contact with the outside wall in turn three. Payne headed down pit road under the caution for service to his #45. Russ Stoehr, who was making his first start in the 2004, was on pit road as well.

On the restart, N. Fornoro retained his lead but it was Christopher making his way into the second spot leaving Buonomo to battle with Seitz for third. Cabral and Cantor renewed their battle as well with Cabral getting the edge with the green waving once again.

The top three of N. Fornoro, Christopher and Buonomo began to distance themselves from Seitz in fourth. Cantor retook the fifth spot from Cabral and set sail for Seitz. Santos took up the chase of Cabral. Payne was beginning to make his way through the field after his pit stop.

The action was beginning to heat up between the Bertrand Motorsports teammates when the front pack began to enter lapped traffic. Buonomo got by Christopher for second as they diced their way through the slower cars. Not to be outdone, Christopher made it three-wide in turn two putting a lapped car between he and Buonomo to make a spectacular pass for second. Buonomo, not willing to give up, glued his potent bright yellow machine to the bottom and drove by Christopher on the backstretch to reclaim his place in second.

With only two laps remaining, lapped traffic played a role for N. Fornoro as well. Two slower cars battled side-by-side ahead of the leader, allowing Buonomo and Christopher to get within striking distance. N. Fornoro dove low coming out of turn four to make it three-wide. Nearly in the grass, N. Fornoro was free of the traffic but with Buonomo tucked in close. In the end, Fornoro streaked under the checkers to take down an exciting win for car owner Don Berrio. Buonomo settled for second ahead of Christopher, Seitz and Cantor. Cabral, B. Santos, D. Fornoro, Payne and Pernesiglio rounded out the top five.

After the race, a very excited Fornoro expressed the thoughts of many as he thanked the Stafford Motor Speedway management for bringing the Midgets back to the Connecticut oval.

Photos by
Norm Marx

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Race Action:

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