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Saturday, November 16th
White's of Westport
Westport, MA
2013 NEMA Midgets Owner and Driver Champions - John Zych Jr., John Zych Sr., and family.
2013 NEMA LITES Driver Champion - Carl Medeiros Jr.
The Jim O’Brien Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to family
 and racing was presented by the O'Brien family to Greg Stoehr


Appreciation Awards

Appreciation Awards

Push Truck
Appreciation Awards

Dave Humphrey

Pete Zinardi

 LITES Perfect
Attendance Awards

NEMA Perfect
Attendance Awards

Mechanics of the Year
LITES - Glen Cugini
NEMA - John Zych Sr.

Associate Member
Never Say Die Award:
LITES - Craig Rayvals

NEMA - Jim Chambers

 Pat Thibodeau Youth and Determination Awards:
LITES -  Megan Cugini
NEMA - Bethany Stoehr


11th to 15th

11th to 15th

Brian Caruso
Hard Charger Award:

LITES - Avery Stoehr

Ray Roberts Memorial Award:
LITES - Kevin Park

Hard Luck Award:
LITES - Scott Bigelow
NEMA - Allan Cantor

th to 10th

6th to 10th

Dick Gallagher Memorial
NEMA Hall of Fame:
Nokie Fornoro

Nokie Fornoro, shown here in the Jarret #4 racing Eria Santos en route to victory in his final Northeastern Midget Association at the 2010 Thompson Speedway World Series, is the newest member of the Dick Gallagher Memorial NEMA Hall of Fame. The 1981 NEMA champ,
Nokie sits fourth in all-time
NEMA wins with 45.

Johnny Thomson
Memorial Award

Johnny Thomson
Memorial Award:
Ed Breault

Jim O’Brien Memorial Award
Introduced by the O'Brien
Sons: Matt, Dennis & Chris

Tara & Greg Stoehr

Tara & Greg Stoehr

Jim O’Brien Memorial Award:
Greg Stoehr

Jim O’Brien Memorial Award:
Greg Stoehr

Shane Hammond
Sportsmanship Awards:
LITES - Megan Cugini
NEMA - Todd Bertrand

Up and Coming
Young Driver Awards:
LITES - Kenney Johnson
LITES - Logan Rayvals

Joe Csiki Memorial Most Improved Drivers:
LITES - Danny Cugini
NEMA - John Zych Jr.

Ed Clothier
Rookies of the Year:
LITES - Richie Morrocco
NEMA - Ian Cumens

Evans/Thrall Top Owner/Driver:
LITES: Andy Barrows
NEMA: Todd Bertrand

Wen Kelley Memorial Award:
Mike Jarret

Wen Kelley Memorial Award:
Mike Jarret

5th Place LITES:
Driver - Logan Rayvals
Owner - Jeff Johnson

4th Place LITES:
Driver - Kenney Johnson
Owner - Avery Stoehr

3rd Place LITES:
Driver - Avery Stoehr
Owner - Bill Stergios
(Accepted by PJ Stergois)

2nd Place LITES:
Driver - Danny Cugini
Owner - Carl Medriros Sr.

5th Place NEMA:
Driver - Russ Stoehr

4th Place NEMA:
Driver - Todd Bertrand
Owner - Dumo's Desire Racing

Ian Cumens

3rd Place NEMA:
Driver - Ian Cummings
Owner - Bertrand Motorsports

Gil Bertrand & Randy Cabral

2nd Place NEMA:
Driver - Randy Cabral
Owner - Tim Bertrand
(Accepted by Gil Bertrand)

Carl Medriros Jr.

Driver - Carl Medriros Jr.
Owner - Donald Cugini

John Zych Jr.

John Zych Sr.

Driver - John Zych Jr.
Owner - John Zych Sr.

Marilyn & Gene
Angelillo Memorial

Women Behind the Men Award:
Janice Zych

Lifetime Membership:
NEMA Announcer
Pete Falconi

Jim O’Brien Memorial Award:
Greg Stoehr and Family

LITES Driver Champion:
Carl Mediros Jr. and Team

LITES Driver Champion:
Carl Mediros Jr. and Family

NEMA Champions:
The Zych Family
Photos by Norm Marx
Zych, Medeiros Jr. Grab
NEMA’ Tops Honors
Westport, MA – First-time champions were in the spotlight Saturday night at the Northeastern Midget Association’s Awards Banquet at White’s of Westport. Driver champions John Zych Jr. and Carl Medeiros Jr. along with owner champions John Zych Sr. and Donald Cugini carried off the bulk of the hardware as NEMA celebrated its 61st season.

The Zychs are the first “first-time” NEMA champions in five seasons while Medeiros Jr. and Cugini are the “first-ever” count-all-the races Lites division champions.

“A dream come true,” John Zych Sr. told the gathering, declaring “whether it was a good car or bad” his son “drove the wheels off the car.” John Sr. is the Mechanic of the Year; John Jr. is the Joe Csiki Most Improved Driver winner and proud wife and mother Janice Zych garnered the Angelillo Memorial Women Behind the Man award.

Others receiving recognition: Ed Breault (the coveted Johnny Thomson Award), Mike Jarret (Wen Kelley Memorial), Kevin Park (Ray Roberts Memorial), Gene Feigel (Ralph Miller Memorial for Outstanding and Continuing Perseverance), Greg Stoehr (Jim O’Brien Outstanding Contribution to Family and Racing Award) and Avery Stoehr (Brian Caruso Hard Charger Award).

Glenn Cugini is the Lites’ (Mechanic of the year) while Dan Cugini is the division’s Most Improved Driver. Also recognized were Ian Cumens and the Lites’ Richie Morocco (Ed Clotheir Rookies of the Year) and Bethany Stoehr and the Lites’ Megan Cugini (Pat Thibodeau Youth, Talent and Determination trophies). Megan Cugini joined Todd Bertrand in receiving the Shane Hammond Sportsmanship Awards.

Still other hardware was given to the Lites’ Scott Bigelow and Cantor (Hard Luck), to Jim Chambers and the Lites’ Craig Rayvals (Associate Member Never Say Die Awards), to Lites’ drivers Kenny Johnson and Logan Rayvals (Up and Coming Drivers) and to Evans/Thrall Owner/Driver Trophy winners Todd Bertrand and Andy Barrows (Lites).

Nokie Fornoro earned a spot in the Dick Gallagher NEMA Hall of Fame. Peter Falcone, the master of ceremonies, became a lifetime member.

Perfect attendance kudos went to owners John Zych Sr. (9), Paul Scally (30), Gene Feigel (71), Todd Bertrand (39), Tim Bertrand (47), Donald Cugini (51), Daryl Cugini (41) and Craig Rayvals (94), the latter three Lites competitors.

Also recognized were push truck operators Dave Shore, Pete Pernesiglio, Mike Jarret, Jackie Giananni, Brian Cleveland and Glen Cabral and officials race director Tom Fox, starter Steve Grant, Cyndi Scrivani, Melisa Tully, Ellen Pernesiglio, Tara Stoehr, Bob Blanchette, Paul Scally, Lu Jarret, Linda Cleveland, Deb Marvuglio and Bill Van Slyke.

It was a busy week for Pete Falconi, NEMA’s premier on site announcer who became a “Life Member” at Saturday night’ Awards Banquet at Whites of Westport. Earlier in the week Pete’s radio station – 1450 WNBP based in Newburyport, MA – received a Station of the Year Merit Award from the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association.

Greg Stoehr called the Jim O’Brien Outstanding Contribution to Family and Racing trophy “maybe the best award I’ve ever received.” O’Brien, like the entire Stoehr clan, was all about family. Bethany and Avery, the daughter and son of Greg and Russ respectively, are fourth generation competitors. Both were winners this year.

John Zych Sr. had the highest praise for his son, driver champion John Jr. “As good a race driver as he is,” John Sr. told the gathering, he is a better father, husband and son.”

Both the Zychs and Lites champion Carl Medeiros Jr. acknowledged the help they received from other competitors over the year, the Seymour, Stoehr and Bertrand families all being mentioned along with engine maestro John Andruk. ”We’ve met a of great people,” said Medeiros who, after driving a TQ this winner, will go Modified racing next year...


Drivers: 1. John Zych Jr., 2039; 2. Randy Cabral, 2022; 3. Ian Cumens, 1,824; 4. Todd Bertrand, 1,807; 5. Russ Stoehr, 1,787; 6. Seth Carlson, 1,630; 7. Paul Scally, 1,489; 8. Bethany Stoehr, 1,398; 9. Jim Chambers, 1,343; 10. Joey Payne Jr., 1,210; 11. Anthony Marvuglio, 1,129; 12. Greg Stoehr, 1,166; 13. Doug Cleveland, 1,051; 14. Jim SantaMaria, 650; 15. Phil DeMario, 494.

Owners: 1. #9 John Zych Sr., 2,039; 2. #47 Tim Bertrand, 2,022; 3. #39 Bertrand Motorsports, 1,681; 4. #45 Dumo’s Desire Racing, 1,681; 5. #71 Gene Feigel, 1,630; 6. #30 Paul Scally, 1,489; 7. #26b Greg Stoehr, 1,442; 8. #5b MCI Racing, 1,398; 9. #21 Mike Chambers, 1,343; 10. #29s Bobby Seymour, 1,293; 11. #7ny Allan Cantor, 1,178; 12. #74 Tim Bertrand, 1,126; 13. #44 Ed Breault, 1,100; 14. #77 Mike Luggelle, 1,051; 15. #99 Susan SantaMaria, 1,022.


Drivers: 1. Carl Medeiros Jr., 1,781; 2. Dan Cugini, 1,754; 3. Avery Stoehr, 1,569; 4. Kenny Johnson, 1,450; 5. Logan Rayvals, 1,345; 6. Richie Morocco, 1,268; 7. Andy Barrows, 1,248; 8. P.J. Stergois 1,224; 9.Brandon Igo, 1,063; 10. D.J. Moniz, 982; 11. Megan Cugini, 972; 12. Ian Cumens, 886; 13. Paul Bigelow, 785; 14. Randy Cabral, 767; 15. Ryan Bigelow, 671.

Owners: 1. #51, Dan Cugini, 1,754; 2. #50 Carl Medeiros Sr., 1746; 3. #11 Bill Stergios, 1,718; 4. #15a Avery Stoehr, 1,507; 5. #46 Jeff Johnson, 1,450; 6. #94 Craig Rayvals, 1,345; 7. #25 Rick Morocco, 1,268; 8. #81 Andy Barrows, 1,248; 9. Daryl Cugini, 1,190; 10. #45 Dave Igo, 1,063; 11. #9 Bobby Seymour, 1,062; 12. #31 Paul Bigelow, 1,053; 13. #18 Dave Moniz, 982; 14. #33 Paul Bigelow, 772; 15. #52 Kevin Park, 716.

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