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Sat.-Sun. October 10th-11th

The 2009 DAV Fall Classic

NEMA Feature - Seekonk DAV - Sun. Oct. 11th
Pos. # Driver Hometown Owner
1 7ny Adam Cantor Dix Hills, NY Cantor Racing
2 5 William Wall Shrewsbury, MA Wall Motorsports LLC
3 55w Aaron Wall Shrewsbury, MA Wall Motorsports LLC
4 4 Nokie Fornoro Stroudsburg, PA Mike Jarret
5 44 Erica Santos Franklin, MA Ed Breault
6 47 Randy Cabral Plymouth, MA Tim Bertrand
7 29 Jeff Abold Pennellville, NY Bobby Seymour
8 26b Greg Stoehr Bridgewater, MA Greg Stoehr
9 45 Russ Stoehr Bridgewater, MA Gene Angelillo
10 8 Barry Kittredge Marlboro, MA Barry Kittredge
11 P30 Mike Horn Ashland, MA Mike Horn
12 3m Jim Miller Weymouth, MA Jim Miller
13 22 Chris Leonard Pelham, NH Dave Leonard
14 16 Matt O'Brien Wilmington, MA Jim O'Brien
15 21 Abby Martino Norfolk, MA Joan Martino
16 99 Chris deRitis Philadelphia, PA Power Point
Race Cars
17 8w Rich Gerbe Franklin Sq., NY Lee Gerbe
18 2 Lee Bundy Kennebunkport, ME Lee Bundy
30 Paul Scally Raynham, MA Paul Scally
9 John Zych Jr. Mendon, MA  John Zych

Cantor Calls DAV Win “Biggest Ever”
Nocella Scores 2nd Seekonk Lites Win

Seekonk, MA – Calling it “the biggest win of my career,” Adam Cantor won the 25-lap Northeastern Midget Association 25 lap feature Sunday at Seekonk Speedway’s DAV Memorial. It was the second win of the season for Cantor who beat back a persistent William Wall over the final nine laps.

The Wall family celebrated nonetheless, brothers Will (Wall #5) and Aaron (Wall #55) capturing second and third respectively. Nokie Fornoro (Jarret #4) and Erica Santos (Breault #44) completed the top five.

Anthony Nocella won the 25-lap NEMA Lites feature on Saturday.

Cantor, who took the lead on lap six, faced a William Wall restart challenge with 16 laps remaining. He got the jump but couldn’t get away from the youngster. Loose off, Cantor said he “tried babying in into three, but when I did it I could hear Will out there. I had to stay on it.”

“The right rear gave up the last couple of laps,” said Wall. “I couldn’t keep it on the outside. I needed a little more car.”

Cantor, who had troubles on Saturday, did get more car on Sunday morning. “It seems we changed everything but the steering wheel and the driver,” said Cantor’s dad Alan.

Although he fell in behind Santos on the initial green, Cantor “knew I had a good car immediately. I went in pretty deep and it stuck.”

The first yellow ended two battles – Santos and Cantor and William Wall and Nokie Fornoro.

“Erica got me on the restart big time,” said Cantor. “I pride myself on restart ability so I said some not-so-nice things about myself. Still, I felt if I could get up to her left rear off two I could go around her.” He took the lead out of four.

William Wall won the battle with Fornoro, moved past Santos for second 10 laps in and was dogging Cantor when the second yellow showed. Aaron Wall, who started ninth, was fourth by that time and moved past Santos on the restart.

Point leader Randy Cabral (Bertrand 47) was sixth and Jeff Abold (Seymour 29), who started 20th because of a driver change, was seventh.

Nocella, winning for the second time at Seekonk this year, got by Ed LeClerc Jr. after the only restart in the Lites event. LeClerc had built a sizable edge before the yellow on lap 13.

Five lengths behind the leader, Joe Mikitarian, LeClerc and Anthony Marvuglio finished second through fourth in a tight bunch. Randy Cabral was fifth.

NEMA’s grand slam finish continues this weekend at Thompson Speedway’s World Series.

It was Cantor’s fourth career win but his first at Seekonk.

Cantor had the fastest lap in the feature (11.329) while Nocella’s 11.907 was best in the Lites run.

In spite of two cautions, the feature was run in nine minutes, a credit to starter Steve Grant.

Lites Feature - Seekonk DAV - Sat. Oct. 10th

Lites Feature - Seekonk DAV - Sat. Oct. 10th
Pos. # Driver Hometown Owner
1 29 Anthony Nocella Woburn, MA Matt Seymour
2 9 Joe Mikitarian Northboro, MA John Mikitarian
3 12 Edward LeClerc Jr. Taunton, MA Edward LeClerc Sr.
4 09 Anthony Marvuglio E. Bridgewater, MA Ronald Doty
5 4 Randy Cabral Plymouth, MA Bobby Seymour
6 5c Joey Chick Hubbardston, MA Bob Chick
7 48 Pete Skias PA Tim Bertrand
8 36 Eric Cabral Manchester, NH Glen Cabral
9 00 Josh Woollam Buzzards Bay, MA Paul Luggelle
10 47 Jay Diamond Somerset, MA Glen Cabral
52 Kevin Park Foxboro, MA Kevin Park
28 Paul Luggelle Holbrook, MA Paul Luggelle
93 Jake Smith Stroudsburg, PA Ted Smith


Heats >>
Photos by
Lites Heat #1: 28, 5c, 29, 12, 09, 48
Lites Heat #2: 9, 52, 4, 00, 36, 47

NEMA Heats - Seekonk DAV - Sat. Oct. 10th

Heat #1: 44, 45, 5, 47, 30, P30, 8, 22, 2, 29
Heat #2: 4, 26b, 7ny. 3m, 55w, 99, 21, 16, 8w
Photos by


Seekonk’s DAV Next For NEMA

Brockton, MA – The ultimate “momentum track,” the late D. Anthony’s Venditti’s “Cement Palace,” Seekonk Speedway, welcomes the Northeastern Midget Association “back home” this weekend for the DAV Memorial. The “Lites” will be on hand as well as NEMA continues with its grand slam season finish.

Now the oldest New England-based sanctioning body, NEMA’s history starts at Seekonk, Fred Meeker winning the first-ever show on May 30, 1953. The 2009 Boston Louie, won by Jeff Abold, was the 75th NEMA event at the third mile.

Abold (2) and defending champion Randy Cabral (3) have won the last five shows. Abold, who has also been second twice, dominated the “Louie,” setting quick time in both time trials (10.859) and the feature (11.007) in the Seymour 29.

The point battle between Cabral’s owner Tim Bertrand and Mike Jarret is center stage. Jarret’s driver Nokie Fornoro is the all-time Seekonk NEMA winner with eight, the last back in 2006. Cabral now has six Seekonk wins including his first back in 2000.

There are not a lot of secrets left at the track that has been running Midgets since its inception back in 1946. Legend Oscar Ridlon was a disputed winner on that day and since then the win list includes some of open cockpit racing’s great names.

Among current drivers, Russ Horn and the Stoehr brothers, Russ and Greg, have multiple Seekonk wins. Cabral, Abold, Fornoro, both Stoehrs and Horn have won this year along with Adam Cantor. Positions behind Cabral, the current point leader, remain unsettled.

Jake Stergios, Anthony Nocella and Anthony “Bug’ Marvuglio have won Lites features at Seekonk this year. Russ Wood Jr. carries the momentum of a win at Twin State into the 20-lap feature.

A DAV win is one of NEMA’s most coveted trophies. “The race honors Anthony Venditti, one of the best friends Midget racing ever had,” says NEMA president Mike Scrivani Jr. “There is just so much history at Seekonk.”

How have the Midgets evolved at Seekonk? They’ve gained almost four seconds over the past 35 years.

Bob White (in the Germond 12) set fast time for a 100-lapper on Oct. 13, 1974 with a 14.220 run, just a tick quicker than the 14.261 effort by local hero John Tripp. Johnny Mann, who was fourth fastest, won the race with Rich Volger fourth. Current car owner Jimmy O’Brien had a car in that race driven by Hank Stevens.

Interestingly enough, Bobby Grim’s fast time (14.27) for a USAC race (which had NEMA’s blessing) on July 25, 1963 was almost identical. Chuck Rodee won the race that was flagged by Nokie Fornoro’s dad Nick and included legends Parnelli Jones, Roger McCluskey, Don Branson and Bob Tattersall.

The DAV will be the 13th race of the year. Nokie Fornoro has won the 13th race of the season five times, tying Dave Humphrey for the lead. Russ Stoehr has done it four times.

Three drivers share the fastest feature lap this year – Cabral has six, Fornoro four and Abold two.

NEMA Winners at Seekonk
No. - Driver -First Last
8 - Nokie Fornoro - 1995 2006
6 - Randy Cabral - 2000 2009
5 - Russ Stoehr - 1996 2000
3 - Dick Brown - 1959 1960
3 - Mark Buonomo - 1997 2005
3 - Lou Cicconi Jr. - 1996 2007
3 - Jeff Horn - 1992 2001
3 - Johnny Mann - 1972 1976
3 - Ben Seitz - 2005 2007
3 - Greg Stoehr - 1993 1994
2 - Jeff Abold -2008 2009
2 - Joe Csiki - 1963 1965
2 - Bill Eldridge - 1953 1964
2 - Drew Fornoro - 1986 1998
2 - Dave Humphrey - 1965 1986
2 - Joey Payne Jr. - 2005 2007
2 - Al Pillion - 1956 1957
2 - Bobby Seymour - 1999 1999
2 - Mike Seymour - 1994 1995
2 - Jerry Wall - 1971 1972

One-time Seekonk winners: Keith Botelho (1998), Len Boyd (1979), Ray Burke (1956), King Carpenter (1962), Barney Davis (1957), Bob Hart (1971), Russ Klar (1967), Red Marlow (1959), Fred Meeker (1953), Tony Romit (1960), Bobby Santos III (2006), Dutch Schaefer (1965), Lee Smith (1983), Hank Williams (1960).

Skias Guest In Bertrand Lites Car

Brockton, MA – Tim Bertrand calls Pennsylvania Mini Sprint legend Pete Skias “an old fashioned, follow-the-action racer. He’s the kind of racer who comes to the front no matter where you start him.”

Skias, a veteran dirt tracker, will try the asphalt this weekend when he drives Bertrand’s No. 48 in the Northeastern Midget Association 20-lap “Lites” feature at Seekonk Speedway’s DA Memorial.. “It has long been his goal to drive a midget on asphalt,” continues Bertrand.

Seekonk has become “home ground” for the “Lites,” series, now in its second season. Nationally known in Mini Stock ranks, Skias, a long-time friend of the Bertrand family, will find some sterling competition.

Jake Stergios, Anthony Nocella and Anthony “Bug” Marvuglio, all Seekonk winners this season, head up the list. Other hopefuls include Russ Wood Jr., coming in off a well-earned victory at Twin State Speedway, Rick Hart and Paul Luggelle.

“We’re excited and happy to do this,” continued Bertrand. “We’re convinced Pete will provide plenty of excitement.”

The Bertrand team has brought a number of guest drivers to NEMA this season including Ryan Newman, Cole Carter and Ted Christopher.

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