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Westport, MA

The 2009 NEMA Champions
Randy Cabral and Bertrand Motorsports

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Champs Honored At NEMA Banquet

Westport, MA - Repeat champions Tim Bertrand (owner) and Randy Cabral (driver) topped the award winners Saturday night at the Northeastern Midget Association’s Awards Banquet at White’s of Westport.

Cabral, noting the “crazy changes” his life has taken over the past two years, dedicated his championship to Marvin Rifchin and his grandfather Henry, both of whom passed away in 2009, and to the soldiers “fighting the wars.”

“I go to the races not to win races or championships but to hang out with people, with my friends,” said Cabral who thanked a number of people including his and the Bertrand family.

“My biggest secret is my crew,” added Bertrand, adding, “we’ll definitely be back next year.”

Bertrand, who won the owners title by four points over Mike Jarrett, also thanked a number of people.

Mike and Lu Jarret, who are retiring as car owners, won the coveted Johnny Thomson Award. The Jarrets, a vital part of the club over the past half dozen seasons as both owners and sponsors, were also given Lifetime Memberships and the Jarret crew captured the Mechanic of the Year trophy.

“I’m 65 and feeling real good,” Jarret told an appreciative crowd. “We decided we’re going to start enjoying ourselves. It’s time to move on.” Pointing out they’ve already accepted delivery of a new motor home, the Jarrets plan to “start traveling.”

Dick Monahan won a spot in the NEMA Dick Gallagher Hall of Fame.

Chris DeRitis won the Ed Clotheir Rookie of the Year Award. Abby Martino (Joe Csiki Most Improved Driver), Lee Bundy (Ray Roberts), Laura Kibbe (Wen Kelley), Linda Cleveland (Marilyn Angelillo), Ed Breault (Never Say Die Award), Paul Scally (Ralph Miller - Outstanding and Continuing Perseverance), Jim Miller (Evans/Thrall Owner/Driver) and Anthony Nocella (Pat Thibodeau Youth and Determination) also captured traditional hardware.

Appreciation awards went to Kurt Kibbe, Norm Marx, Bill Roberts, Deb Marvuglio, Bob Blanchette, Rick Terry, Pete Pernesiglio, John Dadalt, Linda Cleveland and Pete Falcone. Jarret, Gene Angelillo, Power Point Racing, Cantor Racing, Lee Bundy and Tim Bertrand were honored for perfect attendance.

Mazda Motorsports Awards were presented to John Zych Sr., Greg Stoehr and Power Point Racing.

The Angelillo, Jarret and Cabral crews received awards from Wild Child Design.

Paul Luggelle, Matt Seymour, Bob Chick, Bill Stergios, David Rose, Shawn Torrey, Glen and Randy Cabral, Gil Bertrand, Russ Wood, Kevin Park, Ted Smith and Eddie LeClerc made up the top-15 Lites owners. Seymour and Luggelle were honored for perfect attendance

Russ Wood Jr., voted the division’s Most Improved Driver, Paul Luggelle and Anthony Marvuglio were first-time winners. Eddie LeClerc Jr. was the Shane Hammond Sportsmanship Award winner.

Shawn Torrey, Bobby Seymour and Steve Grant were recognized for their contributions to the Lites.

Pete Falconi, who served as master of ceremonies, said the season was highlighted by three emotional wins. He singled out Marvuglio’s Lites win at the Boston Louie (wearing his brother’s Shane Hammond’s gloves), Greg Stoehr’s victory at the Marilyn’s Passion race at Monadnock and Nokie Fornoro’s drive in what was Jarret’s last race at the Thompson World Series.

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